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JJ Lemon

JJ Lemon Rustic Children's Lemonade Stand (6 Piece kit for 10 Minute Assembly)--Bonus! Free storage shelf and wheels added to all Stands!

JJ Lemon Rustic Children's Lemonade Stand (6 Piece kit for 10 Minute Assembly)--Bonus! Free storage shelf and wheels added to all Stands!

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Discover a delightful addition to your family's summertime adventures that goes beyond lemonade. Our Nostalgic Lemonade Stand is designed to charm and cater to families who cherish uniqueness, quality, and creative versatility.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Handcrafted from top-tier hardwoods like cedar and pine, this heirloom-quality piece is built to last and provide joy for generations. We share your appreciation for finely crafted items, and this stand is a true testament to that commitment.

Tailored to Your Style: Whether you prefer vibrant, eye-catching colors or classic wood tones, our lemonade stand offers an array of customizable finishes. It effortlessly complements any setting, making it a charming addition to your surroundings.

Inspire Creativity: Encourage your children's imagination and entrepreneurial spirit with our reversible chalkboard/Dry Erase board. It's their canvas to craft unique messages and designs, adding a personal touch to their lemonade stand. But that's not all!

Perfect for Any Occasion: This stand is not limited to lemonade sales. Imagine using it to add a touch of flair to birthday parties, community events, fundraisers, or any other creative endeavor you can dream of. It's a versatile platform that adapts to your family's ever-changing needs.

Convenience and Adaptability: Life can get busy, and we understand that. Our lemonade stand is designed for hassle-free use. It's simple to assemble and collapsible for those spontaneous moments when inspiration strikes.

A Legacy of Quality: Crafted right here in the USA, the JJ Lemon Lemonade Stand comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that your investment lasts and becomes a cherished part of your family's cherished memories.

We cater to families who appreciate unique, high-quality items that foster creativity, togetherness, and adaptability. Our Nostalgic Lemonade Stand is more than just a lemonade stand; it's a gateway to unforgettable summer experiences, a canvas for youthful imagination, and a symbol of timeless craftsmanship.

Join our community of parents who understand that extraordinary moments start with exceptional products. Elevate your family's summer and any occasion, including fundraisers, with our versatile Nostalgic Lemonade Stand.

The small stands dimensions are as follows:

Counter height: 24 inches from the ground
Counter Dimensions:
16 inches X 36 inches

Width: 36 inches
Depth: 18 inches
Total height: 54 inches

We produce the Lemonade Stands and can customize the stand to meet any needs!
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