About Us


 Jack and Jill Lemonade stands were born out of a birthday prop made for Ahmiah, the daughter of owners Chanden and Anna

The prop was used over and over by multiple kids in the family for weekly lemonade stands.

We saw the joy, pleasure, and hard work the kids put into each lemonade sale and wanted to give every family the chance to have the same experience. 

Here at Jack and Jill Lemonade stands, it is a family affair. First, Chanden hand-picks only the finest materials and uses his lifelong carpentry skills to craft the absolute best lemonade stands.

Next, it's on to Anna. She takes each lemonade stand and paints it with the richest and most brilliant white, yellow, or pink available.

Finally, the stands go to our tester, Ahmiah. She puts each stand through a rigorous test that only a three-year-old could. On the other side, only the finest, most brilliant, and kid-tested lemonade stands make the cut.