Top Five Reasons To Have a Lemonade Stand This Summer

Lemonade and sunshine is a match made in heaven. There is just something about that sweet, tangy drink and a beautiful summer day that makes everybody feel good.  Summer is the perfect time to use that satisfying drink to help the kids do something.  Running a lemonade stand is one of the best ways for kids to keep learning and to have fun over the summer. The neighbors (and you!) get some delicious lemonade and treats, and kids learn the elusive art of retail sales. It’s a win-win! Here are my own top five reasons to have a lemonade stand this summer:

  1.  It’s a chance to learn math and economics

We all know that math is one of those use-it-or-lose-it kind of skills. Many kids struggle with math in the fall because they went all summer without ever putting that knowledge to use. Give them a chance to do some math by running a lemonade stand. Let them set the prices and be in charge of adding up the expenses, adding the profits, and making change for customers. In the process, they’ll learn economics too. You can teach them about supply and demand, cost of producing products, and net profits. The kids will be having so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning!
  1. The kids can easily help make the lemonade and treats

I don’t know about other parents, but we are always stretched for time. As much as we’d love to do a lot of the stuff we see on Pinterest, there is just no way it is ever going to happen! As much as we would like to have gourmet lemonade and homemade gourmet macaroons at our lemonade stand, that is NOT how it is going to go down. Lemonade stands are great because most kids can make all of the goodies themselves. All it takes is some cold water, some lemonade mix, and maybe a few lemons for garnish if you’re feeling crazy, and BAM! Cute and super-tasty classic and pink lemonade. As for treats, who wouldn’t love some Goldfish or pretzels with their lemonade? Or how about some candy? Just put a handful of treats into a muffin tin liner and it is a hit with both kids and adults.

  1. The kids can set and reach goals

We adults know how important goals are in life. Summer is notorious for being a time without purpose, so why not give kids some sense of direction?  Is there a really cool toy they’ve been dying to have? Is there a trip they would love to go on? Let them know how much it costs and help them figure out how much lemonade and treats they’d have to sell. Just imagine the great big smile on your kid’s face when you can take him or her to the toy store and they can hand the cashier money of their very own. A goal and a day of hard work is all it takes to make it happen. It is amazing what some kids will accomplish with a finish line in mind!

  1. Great bonding activity for the whole family

Lemonade stands are a great chance for the whole family to do something together. Parents and kids can work together as a team to have a successful lemonade stand. You’ll be amazed at how much you and your kids will love to sell the lemonade to the neighbors for a couple of quarters. It will take you back to a simpler time when kids and parents did more things together. I remember times as a kid where my brother and I would decide to make a lemonade stand. My dad would help us scope out the best location and mom would help us make the lemonade and cookies. Then we’d all go sit together on a warm Saturday morning and sell our goodies. Memories like this are priceless! You’ll learn a lot about what your kids are really capable of and, of course, you’ll know that you are helping your kids learn the values of hard work and saving.

  1. Gives the kids a chance to do good in the community

Lemonade stands don’t just give your kids the chance to take, but also the chance to give. We need to teach our children how to serve others in all aspects of their lives, even when running a lemonade stand. Kids can give to others by providing great service with a smile. There are other ways for them to serve others, too. Maybe there is someone running by that looks thirsty and could use a free small glass of lemonade. Maybe there is someone who doesn’t have enough change, but would like some lemonade or treats anyways. Your kids could even decide to donate some of their profits to a good cause. Give your kids the chance to do good and help out- they won’t disappoint you, I promise.

I hope you take the time to run a lemonade stand this summer. You’ll be so happy you did!

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